December 5, 2012


Here's Argider Aparicio, a spanish photographer i found here a few days ago.
I was immediately fascinated by his vision of the world, by the way he could capture every little particular detail.
That's why i couldn't decide which images to pick to try and explain his work, and i decided to show 4 of his project, to have a more "open" idea of what he does and how thoughtful he is in every story he wants to tell.
In zubiak and al doubler la sequin it's easy to see his peculiar way to capture and analyze space through photography; in his city series he gives an unconventional tour of places we wouldn't normally see on postcards: amsterdam, in which the main characters who live in the city are bicycles, shot in atypical - almost human - situations, and berlin, a city who still looks stuck in another era, with old wolkswagen cars and weird shop-windows.


(all images © Argider Aparicio San Felices)

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