January 6, 2013


What can be better on a sunday winter afternoon (which is even the last day of holidays) than stay at home on the couch with a fluffy blanket and a hot tea watching a movie?
Well, i've already done it yesterday, and this is the movie i saw: Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats, in english), a canadian movie from 2010, directed by Xavier Dolan, a young movie maker and actor.
It's the story of Francis and Marie, two friends who fall -platonically- in love with the same, beautiful, misterious, angel-face guy. The "love triangle" theme made me immediately think to Jules et Jim or The Dreamers, that's easy, and it can sound pretty banal; but this movie enacts the subject in its very own way, with an accurate gaze full of attention for ironic dialogues, for photography and colors, sometimes pale, sometimes flashy and disturbing.
One suggestion: watch in french with english subtitles, it's really worth it.

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