March 6, 2013


Ok, it has been a while since my last post, and i feel pretty bad about it. This last month was pretty busy for me, that much not to find a tiny little piece of space during my day to create new stories for the blog. Well, i've still been researching and getting constant inspiration, but the lack of time and sometimes my laziness kept me from concentrating on producing new posts."I'll do it later" or "i'll have more time to think about this tomorrow" was my sentences most of the time: that's why i decided to re-start my dedication to my virtual baby with this fun project by Lauren Hom, a New York based graphic designer with a strong passion for hand-lettering, who decided to illustrate the little lies she (and, of course, all of us!) tells herself on a regular basis.
I found it so true and hilarious i couldn't help but sharing it. She also made a tutorial to show the process from start to finish of these cool posters, for anyone who wants to try and play with this lettering tecnique. Enjoy!

(all images © Lauren Hom)

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