April 5, 2013


I should be re-posting this little lies stuff i wrote a month ago because, yes, it's been a while (again).
Keeping a blog takes time, and now i know it! Plus, having a busy time with work - kind of - and not having internet connection on a daily basis makes it even harder.
But i'm back, i finally found some time to concentrate on this and today i'd like to share with you something i wanted to show for a long time now: this little treasure known as the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual.
Am i that much obsessed with NYC? Well, this one is worth to talk about.
Apparently found in a locker beneath old gym clothes, this manual explain foundaments and standards for New York City Transit Authority's graphics, designed by Massimo Vignelli for Unimark International in 1970. You can take a look at the full manual here. Enjoy!

(all images © New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual)

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