May 21, 2013


Yep, everybody's talking about it, it's Gatsby time!
Since the first previews i was really excited to see this movie (being a huge Baz Luhrman's fan), so even before finally going to the cinema last thursday my expectations were high up: and at the end the film was definitely satisfying.
Critics were not so acclaiming towards it, but myself i really enjoyed sitting on a comfortable chair with my 3d sunglasses (it has been my first time, yes!) staring at those amazing scenic designs, colors, musics, actors and of course all the stunning costumes (my favorite part)!
From the extraordinary flashy dresses of Gatsby's party guests, to men's sartorial suits, everything was styled with a precise attention to details: not only clothes but also accessories - head-bands, hats, shoes, gloves - and hair and make up (you can even notice half-moon manicures), everything looked fantastic, and to me it was one plus reason to see this movie.
And what about collaborations? I could tell there was some Prada behind it! Check out this video, explaining how they were able to rielaborate actual runaway pieces to create a contemporary roaring 20's style.
Last but not least i'm not forgetting about you guys: the suits were so astonishing that the american brand Brooks Brothers created a collection to reproduce Baz Luhrman's film costumes, for any men to get the Gatsby look.

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