May 17, 2013


We're already in the middle of may now but the hot-hot weather doesn't seem to come out yet.
So here we find ourselves struggling not knowing what to wear - is it warm outside? is it gonna be rainy today? - and always layering different items just to adapt to any kind of wheather.
That's why for today's style inspiration i tried to display my favorite basic wardrobe pieces, perfect to be worn alone or matching together: from ready-to-wear to accessories a quick guide for the "middle season"! 

Here's where you can shope these items:
1. jeans shirt  |  2. orange lipstick  |  3. shades  |  4. white flat sandals
5. striped t-shirt  |  6. soft blazer  |  7. long skirt  |  8. leather shopper
9. orange nailpolish  |  10. gold bangle  |  11. heel sandals  |  12. leggings

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