August 6, 2013


That's what got me busy last week: i had to set up a display of a few pics for a collective exibition happening in a summer party some friends of mine organized (a pretty good one by the way, here's the link to the event).
So i spent one early morning taking pictures walking around the stunning Sant'Erasmo, an island of the north lagoon usually called "L'Orto di Venezia" for its agricoltural nature.
The pictures ment to be set up in the water, so my idea was to get some of them float on a clear water pond, and put some inside jars that people could pick up and have a look at.
Here's some images of the display and of all the photographs i presented, hope you'll enjoy 'em!

And this is Sant'Erasmo!

(all images © Cristina Cappellari)

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