January 16, 2014


 We've been waiting for this forever, and finally the first two episodes of GIRLS third season aired last sunday. After being so excited and curious about it, preparing myself for a focused and concentrated watch, at the end i was definitely delighted: smart and comic as always, from the first chapters everything looked more cheerful and relieved after last seasons' dramas.
But what amazed me more in the last few days about the GIRLS news was to see the new designated Queen of Comedy Lena Dunham appearing on the february issue of US Vogue!

Through her hapless alter ego Hannah Horvath, Lena Dunham has brilliantly captured the anxieties and ambitions of a generation.

Together with her on-screen partner Adam Driver, Lena's shot by Annie Leibovitz around NYC wearing some amazing - yet crazy in some cases - outfits: from yellow feathered Rochas shoes, passing through a Alexander McQueen dress and matching pidgeon in the head (!!!), to a more suited Prada dress and Céline multicolor coat.
Of course Lena's not the traditiona Vogue's woman, but it's lastly satisfying to see a young talented girl get the cover of the magazine and taking the place of models wearing all those stunning outfits: could we call it the revenge of the ordinary girl?

(images via Vogue)

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