December 11, 2014


Is it that time of the year already? I guess so! It looks like the holiday spirit is all over the place by now, lights and decorations, people feeling the festive mood and of course, starting to think about what to buy for friends and family and - most difficult - where to shop it. Do i have the answer? Of course not, but i can give you a little help, as usual.
So here it comes like every year, a little list of ideas i put together for your christmas shopping: this time i decided to think about a small variety of themes, matching different kind of personalities. Today it's the turn of the office geek friend, always in need for something to accessorize his/her desk, from planners to notebooks and keytags. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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Find out where to shop all these items below:

  1  |  get it together pencil pouch
  2  |  tsumugi-desk-organizer
  3  |  write it down block
  4  |  byo reusable coffee cup
  5  |  studio keytag
  6  |  gold initial notebook
  7  |  box box
  8  |  giant foolscap planner
  9  |  tape block
10  |  takenaka bento box

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