December 3, 2015


For some strange reasons when i woke up this morning i recalled that today is the blog's anniversary: it has been three years since that day in december when i decided to start sharing my thoughts online. I know 2015 hasn't been the most productive year of my blogging activities but lots of stuff passed by and the inspiration kinda faded away.
Anyway i really care about this little blog and even though it's super hard to get back on the web after such a long pause i thought: "why not doing it now?"
That's why i took the chance of a special day to write this post and tell you that i'm going to try and commit a bit more to this platform: i'm thinking about some design shake-up, i'm super excited to share a project i've been working on during this year and (maybe because of the festive mood that's starting to surround us) i got lots of ideas for future posts!

Welcome back!

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