June 7, 2016


One week ago i had the opportunity to attend (finally!) the press opening of the 2016 Architecture Biennale
I had a walk through the Arsenale exhibition and some pavilions around the area: it was a great sunny weekend with a soft summer breeze, the perfect weather to stroll along the city’s narrow calli. 
I didn’t have enough time to see all the Giardini exhibition, (need to cover it super soon!) but i pointed many great and external installations, some of them taking place perfectly in the venetian setting, peeking through hanging laundry in Castello or set into a small charming apartment. 

One thing i was more focusing on this year was the big amount of small printed publications that always accompany the exhibitions, booklets, posters, cards and flyers: i brought home a few of them, you will see some of my favorites below mixed with some exhibition’s shots, enjoy!

(all images © Cristina Cappellari)

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