November 11, 2014


Hey ya'll! Guess who's back?
I know, i'm sorry, it's been MONTHS since my last update on the blog, i guess there has been a lack of inspiration around here: maybe some of you was wandering where have i been and what i've been doing during all of this time.
Well, I've been pretty busy with school stuff and sometimes a bit too lazy, trying to avoid being in front of the computer on my free time. But at the same time i felt a bit sad to have abandoned my online diary, so here i am, back to business, with a new look!
I tried to keep the page cleaner, getting rid of clutter and reduntand information, adding a new navigation to browse easily through topics and colums.
I hope you enjoy it, and come back tomorrow for new updates and inspiring posts!



(image © Cristina Cappellari)