June 7, 2016


One week ago i had the opportunity to attend (finally!) the press opening of the 2016 Architecture Biennale
I had a walk through the Arsenale exhibition and some pavilions around the area: it was a great sunny weekend with a soft summer breeze, the perfect weather to stroll along the city’s narrow calli. 
I didn’t have enough time to see all the Giardini exhibition, (need to cover it super soon!) but i pointed many great and external installations, some of them taking place perfectly in the venetian setting, peeking through hanging laundry in Castello or set into a small charming apartment. 

One thing i was more focusing on this year was the big amount of small printed publications that always accompany the exhibitions, booklets, posters, cards and flyers: i brought home a few of them, you will see some of my favorites below mixed with some exhibition’s shots, enjoy!

(all images © Cristina Cappellari)

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January 5, 2016


Happy new year! Let's start 2016 with a pretty gift, a printable calendar with some of the pictures i like the most from last year.
Doors of venice became some kind of an obsession of mine, since i spot so many of them while walking around the city. That's why i decided to make a series called atlas of venicedoors: you can find all of them (and more to come, it's a work in progress!) on instagram with the hashtag #atlasofvenicedoors, or right here.
I hope you like it and that this small calendar will be beside you during next year!

You can download it clicking this link.
P.s. it's an A4 file that you can print it with your home printer. can i suggest thick white paper? I've done mine like this!

Cheers to a brand new year full of inspiration!

(all images © Cristina Cappellari)

December 25, 2015


Just a quick post to wish you all a merry happy Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with the ones you love and keep smiling!

With love,


December 24, 2015


Ok, ok i'm a bit late. But the gift guide is a tradition! So for this year i decided to make a super-last-minute list of pretty gifts i would like.. for myself! Totally self-indulgent but you know what? You can always find something you'll love too!
So have a happy Christmas eve everyone, i'm on the couch waiting for Santa!

Here is where to shop all these products:

  1  |  the kinfolk home
  2  |  record player
  3  |  alphabet rings
  4  |  marble iphone cover
  5  |  gold casio
  6  |  wes anderson collection: the grand budapest hotel
  7  |  copper terrarium
  8  |  love kills pin
  9  |  135 - vintage 35mm cameras and photography
10  |  leaves pot
11  |  x foiled planner
12  |  the twins tee
13  |  wooden hand
14  |  classic photo album