December 20, 2012


Nautical theme tattoos have always been really appealing to me.
Anchors, lighthouses, helms and sailing boats drawn in an old-school way are now though pretty overrated, that's why i always feel overwhelmed going through the web and seeing so many little anchors on girls fingers and whatsoever (5); even Tattly started producing funny temporary tattoos, for everybody to play and feel like a 19th century man who sailed the seas.
Despite this annoying proliferation there are so many new interpretations of the "sailor-men" tattoos nowadays (2 / 3) realized by talented tattoo artists and this style is never loosing its charm to me.
That's why i felt stunned when i found this video (here): i've always liked finding out more about these subcultures and discovering those precious stories that i couldn't even imagine.
This one is about the most famous Copenhagen tattoo shop and Jon Nordstrøm, author of the book Danish Tattooing.

hemls (found here and here)

 anchors (found here and here

tattly (one and two)

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