May 6, 2014


Hello everybody! I'm finally back after a looong time, sorry about that. It has been a bit of a changing time around here, but i guess i'll explain what i've been doing in the last few months over in a new post in the next few days! Keep waiting!

For today i'd like to introduce to you an awesome craftswoman from Graz, Austria: Martina Sperl is a talented designer who started this brand of ‘Ewig schöne Möbel’ (literally, always beautiful furniture).
Not only she elevates the art of upholstery, giving new life to these stunning chairs, revisiting their look with new textiles: Martina was able to create (with the helping hand of Moodley Studio) a strong comunication for her brand, both online and printed, with a careful look for details and an amazing overall appearance. Have a look below!

(images © Martina Sperl)

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