January 4, 2015


Happy 2015 everybody! As soon as a new year starts, the time comes for thoughts about the one which just passed by and, why not, positive intentions for next months. I usually enjoy to begin with a fresh start and that's why i find myself looking for a fancy new way to keep that in mind. I decided to put together a few ideas for some 2015 calendars, how cute is this one on the top? It's the Gift Wrap calendar by Linda&Harriett, scroll down for more!

01  |  New York buildings by mmmMar on Etsy
02  |  Cats let nothing darken their roar calendar
03  |  White, green and copper by Krogh Studio
04  |  Les femmes by Garance DorĂ©
05  |  Travel the world from Rifle Paper
06  |  Letterpress botanicals by Linda&Harriett
07  |  Snug toyblocks by Snug studio
08  |  Prisms by Julia Kostreva
09  |  Geometrie DIY by Hinzhej
10  |  Kukkuu birhtday from Marimekko
11  |  Shapes wall by Dozi on Etsy
12  |  Minerals by Lindsay Jones on Etsy

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