September 17, 2013


Here's something pretty cool i saw yesterday: a documentary about four illustrators, the "big" names of the italian scene, exporting their work abroad and collaborating with some of the most important international magazines and brands.
I found it very interesting, yet really inspiring, with the way they they speak through these interviews about their careers (why is it necessary to work abroad?), inspirations and highs-and-lows about their job (the loneliness of being a freelance, for instance, balanced by the passion and love for what they're doing).
You can "meet" the four characters below, Olimpia Zagnoli, Alessandro "Shout" Gottardo, Emiliano Ponzi and Francesco Poroli, with a selection of some of their works and have a look at the full documentary, at the end.

(images above © Olimpia Zagnoli)

(images above © Alessandro Gottardo)

(images above © Emiliano Ponzi)

 (images above © Francesco Poroli)

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